Han Depei Chair in International Law and One Thousand Talents Plan Professor, Wuhan University, Institute of International Law.

Chief Expert, Wuhan Academy of International Law and Global Governance, (National Top Think Tank)China.


Post-Doctoral Max Weber Fellow in Law, European University Institute, Florence. LL. M. Harvard Law School. Ph. D. and M.A.  in international relations with specialization in international law. Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva. LL.B. (5 years qualifying law degree) University Complutense of Madrid.


International Law and History – Modern Interfaces

Cambridge Studies of Comparative and International Law, Cambridge University Press (2021)

Han Depei Prize in Law, 2021

China Editon: CUP & The Commercial Press (2025)

Paperback ed. 2023

In the Shadow of Vitoria – A History of International Law in Spain (1770-1953)

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  The International Court of Justice and the Rise of the Rest 

Cambridge University Press (forth. 2026) 

Edited Books

The Cambridge Handbook of China and International Law

DE LA RASILLA, I. (with Cai Congyan. Eds.)
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Experiments in International Adjudication. Historical Accounts

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Paperback ed. 2021

International Law and Islam. Historical Explorations

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Historia del pensamiento iusinternacionalista español del siglo XX

DE LA RASILLA, I. (With Gamarra, Y., Eds.)
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 Histories of International Law in China. All Under Heaven?

Oxford University Press

DE LA RASILLA, I.(with Jiangyu Wang and Congyan Cai., Eds.) (forth. 2025)

Francisco de Vitoria and the Shadow of Carl Schmitt in International Law

Brill | Nijhoff 

DE LA RASILLA I., (With J.M. Beneyto, Eds.,) (forth. 2025)

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1. DE LA RASILLA, I. ‘From the National to the Comparative in International Law – Cold War Redux?’ Chinese Journal of Comparative Law (2024) (ESCI)

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Mailing address: School of Law, Wuhan University, Luojia Hill, Wuchang, Wuhan, Hubei Province, China


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