PhD candidates

Mr. Shi Weimin

Research interests: International Dispute Settlement.
His dissertation for doctor’s degree focused on the rise of intervention in the international courts’ proceedings

Ms. Liu Jintong

Research interest:International Labor Law

Ms. Chen Mohan

Research interests:International criminal justice, International cooperation in criminal matters, as well as international dispute settlement

Ms. Yu Hong

Research interests: International Human Rights Law, Jus Cogens, International Intellectual Property

Mr. LIang Zuodong

Research interests: International Human Rights Law, Law of International Organizations

Ms. Hai Yang

Research interests:  International Human Rights Law, Law of Sea, and International Dispute Settlement 

Ms. Liu Mingjun

Research interests:  International Dispute Settlement, Global Governance

Ms. Lei Xiao (Crystal)

Research interests:  Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-terrorist Financing in International Law, International Sanctions Law

Mr. Yue Qi

Research interests: International Energy Law, Global Governance, International Human Rights

Master candidates

Mr. Zhang Xueye

Research interests: Economic Sanctions and International Law, International Human Rights Law, International Dispute Settlement

Ms. Zhao Yiru

Research interests:  International Human Rights Law

Former students

Mr. Dong Zhao

Current position: Judge Assistant (Ningbo Intermediate People’s Court, Zhejiang)

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